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Arden's Musebox ([personal profile] musedactyl) wrote2011-12-15 02:28 am

applications ♛

Alias; Sydney Bristow || Counted Stars | Ataraxion
Battlestar Galactica; Gaius Baltar || Crowded Hour | Trans 9
Bleach; Hitsugaya Toshiro || Scorched
Bleach; Kurosaki Ichigo || The Wake
BTVS; Buffy Summers || Crowded Hour | The Last Voyages | Drama Drama Duck
BTVS; Cordelia Chase || Entranceway
BTVS; Darla || Counted Stars
Dark Angel; Max Guevara || Babylon Wood
The Dark Knight Rises; Selina Kyle ||  Scorched [unfinished]
Dead Like Me; Daisy Adair || Crowded Hour
Greek Myth; Athena || Fallen Pedestals
Greek Myth; Daphne || Fallen Pedestals
Hellsing; Integra Hellsing || Squarewarts | Squarewarts 2.0
Heroes; Nathan Petrelli || Counted Stars
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Zaphod Beeblebrox || Hotel California
How I Met Your Mother; Robin Scherbatsky || Project Gemini
Invader ZIM; Almighty Tallest Purple || Paradisa
Marvel Cinematic Universe; Tony Stark || Futurology
The Mortal Instruments; Isabelle Lightwood || Mayfield
The Mortal Instruments; Jace Wayland || Somarium | Scorched
The Mortal Instruments; Magnus Bane || Babylon Wood
The Mortal Instruments; Valentine Morgenstern || Project Gemini
Original Character; Austen "Jax" Jaxon || Counted Stars
Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock Holmes || Crowded Hour
Smallville; Lois Lane || Drama Drama Duck | Counted Stars | Paradisa | Polychromatic
Supernatural; Dean Winchester || Crowded Hour | Counted Stars | Squarewarts  | Endless Prom | Mayfield
Supernatural; Sam Winchester || Drama Drama Duck | Babylon Wood
Star Wars; Han Solo || Paradisa
Star Wars; Jacen Solo || Squarewarts | Counted Stars
Third Rock from the Sun; Sally Solomon || Crowded Hour | Endless Prom
Thor; Thor Odinson || Counted Stars | Scorched
Twilight; Jacob Black || Damned [unfinished]
Underworld; Selene || Dollsyhouse | Project Gemini
View Askew; Jay || Endless Prom
The X-Files; Fox Mulder || Crowded Hour | Babylon WoodParadisa Trans 9
X-Men; Wolverine || Paradisa | Counted Stars